I want to thank you again for your prayers

Good morning- excellent day for sitting in Church praising God-

I want to thank you again for your prayers- My wife and I have struggled and are still struggling so we've needed every one-

Our list of goals-

Our number one goal- maintaining our loving relationship through this care giving gig- it's much more work than one could ever imagine- have to work at it every minute-

Number two goal- maintaining loving relationships with family and friends- also a lot of effort required- I think we stumbled on this one the most- the devil sees a crack in the armor and jumps right in it-

Number three- get through this gig with our own good health- stress can kill you- always trying to find a way to relieve some- see #4 and # 5-

Number four- maintain a sense of humor- sometimes my humor can be a bit twisted- hope it never offends- "I am who I am"- that quote came from a good source-

Number five/ should have been number one- maintain and increase our faith in God- turning to him when we did makes us realize he was there willing to help all along- everything is better since-

So there you have it in a nut shell- surely could have worded it up some but wouldn't have added much- only length-

That said- we are finding that prayers take a lot of time if done in a sincere manner- both of us when we talked this AM said we were awake many times in the night remembering one we forgot to say earlier- didn't sleep well until we remembered to say them all-

Love you all-

Testimonies from the tent meetings

Hello, thanks for the lesson on life, the kingdom and such.  Please enjoy an apple from my place
in the woods and pray for me to defeat my cancer and live on by the
trust in God and family & friends.

Last night in a dream I saw 7
angels in the sky, dressed in gold robes.  I could see the stars
and the moon behind them.  I heard a loud voice call out “Repent
and turn from your wicked ways, the time is at hand for the return of
the Lord Jesus Christ.

We are wonderfully made.  To
the world we are the scum of the earth, Revelation tells us we are the
streets of gold.  Wednesday night I saw people up front letting
the spirit within them, raising their hands praising God, it was
beautiful, but Thursday night they were lifting their hands and voices
to heaven and letting it all go.  I saw not people but angel
spirits, it was awesome.  The week before I was praying for
revival in the spirit and I started crying.  The tears run down my
face and they were hot like they had come from way down in my belly,
like was often spoken of.  The spirit was saying I’m washing your
eyes with tears that you might see, and out of the belly all the yuck,
it’s my way of purifying.  How did all that stress bring forth
peace.  Then Wednesday night as I was sleeping the Lord said I
would be healed.  I could not go back to sleep until that spirit
left me.  All this past year satan tried to claim me, the next
night Pastor Mike explained the mind is laid to rest and the spirit
comes alive.  It was good for me to hear that.  It felt so
good to be healed as I had a lot in me to be healed.  The next
morning satan strongly said to me you are not healed and don’t say your
are.  I told my husband first, it was the first step to breaking
the stronghold of satan.  I fell we all had a spiritual awakening
and even now I have a hard time writing this but again that stronghold
has been defeated.

We started out saying that we
would attend 3 nights, but after the first night we knew that we would
not miss one night, and we didn’t’.  It has been such a blessing
in our lives and so many others.  Seeing all the churches come
together truly as one body of Christ is awesome.  We believe that
you will see the fruit of you labor in you congregations as well as in
the community.

My spirit was revived and my soul
was lit with the fire of the Lord.  My entire mood was changed
this week.  I am more fun to be with and I communicate better.
I don’t feel defeated or oppressed anymore.

My back was prayed for and was healed, I am able to stand and sit without pain.

I saw a vision of playing football with my son, he is now 4, in th vision, he was in high school.

Tuesday night while Pastor Duane was preaching about Christs return I
heard a voice yell in my ear “Get ready it’s coming sooner than you

I was healed from back problems, headaches, and sleeping problems.

For years I have been bothered by
cramps in my feet and legs that woke me up every night at least once.
Praise God after prayer last night I slept all night without
being awakened and felt so good the next morning.

My back was healed last night, it feels a lot better, my neck is feeling much better also.

I was healed of headaches, my arm was healed and prayed for favor of people accusing me.

I was at the tent meeting
Wednesday night to get healed.  Before I gave my heart to God I
had pain in my shoulders from whip lash since February of this year.
Along with the  pain in my right side, both hips and lower
back from surgery.  Since Wednesday night all the pain is gone in
my neck, shoulder, side and hips and the pain in my lower back from my
surgery has lightened to the point that i have just about cut my meds
in half that I am taking.   Praise the Lord and I thank Him

I asked for prayer for my elbow because at night especially when I
rolled over it felt like my elbow was being sawed in half.  The
pain was terrible.  Praise God, the las 2 nights I have been pain
free.  Thank You Jesus!!!

My wife and I were at the tent
meeting and Pastor Bill made a call for healing for shoulders, I came
forward for moth of my shoulders and soreness in the left side of my
chest.  The Holy Spirit moved on me and I was instantly healed.
Thank You Jesus!!!

I had left shoulder pain for the
past 15 or 16 years, it was healed.  I have been healed and have
not more pain or muscle spasms.

Prayer for insomnia and I slept through peacefully last night.  Back was pinched too and all okay now.

God is Faithful

God is oh so Good and Faithful, on the way downstate Tuesday, I was hit from behind. I could see the exit I needed to take to go to my son’s house, the road got icy, two cars in front of me started sliding, the first car hit the guard rail, the second one hit the first car, I was sliding and cried out to the Lord, then I stopped before hitting anyone, a lady then hit me from behind, I still never hit anyone in the front, we all got out to check on each other, No One was hurt. The other cars involved had air bags go off and their cars were totaled, my car had just a small amount of damage in the back, just under the bumper on the one side the plastic got busted up. I am going to attach pictures. I remain in Thankful Prayer. I wasn’t scared or shook up, just put my trust where it belonged and left everything up to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!!! He so hears us!!!!!!!!!!!!! The lady who hit me sat in my car to stay warm, we had an hour and a half to talk, her husband has terminal cancer, and I was able to minister to her about God’s Love, having faith and prayer. It was an opportunity I’m very thankful to have had, I Love God So Much!!